IDEC - a truly global brand

Corporate Symbol


On November 1, 2005, IDEC Izumi Corporation changed its name to IDEC CORPORATION and, to symbolize its unified determination to lead the future, a single corporate logo was designed for use by the entire IDEC group. As a truly global corporation, IDEC will mobilize its combined forces to explore business opportunities in new fields, making the most of its technolog and its network ties to promote the further expansion of its global business operations.

The message in the new corporate logo

Under our new corporate logo, the IDEC group has mobilized its combined forces to expand the scope and the scale of its business operations as befits a truly global corporation.

The wide expanse of IDEC gray on the left side of the logo symbolizes the new opportunities and values that can be brought about through collaboration and partnerships, the increased business expansion and continued corporate evolution that the future holds for us, and our positive attitude in all aspects of business. The double-sided 'I', in white and IDEC red, represents the relationships that bond people together. The white symbolizes our unobtrusive but consistent commitment to our customers, and the red 'I' represents our willingness to pursue new ideas.

The corpoate color

The IDEC red color in the logo expresses the dynamism and energy of 'passion', 'progress', 'vitality', and 'speed'.

Think Automation and beyond...

The Corporate Tagline

The IDEC Group, together with customers, will choose the best solution to your needs. We will develop and provide the progressive products, systems, and solutions to create the future of automation and beyond.

The History of the IDEC Logo

IDECロゴマーク 1945    Founded Izumi Shokai.
IDECロゴマーク 1947   Izumi Denki. co., Ltd. established.
IDECロゴマーク 1975     IDEC Systems & Controls established in USA. *Logo used in the USA.
IDECロゴマーク 1982    CI implemented.
IDECロゴマーク 1986   IDEC Corporation renamed from IDEC Systems & Controls Corporation, USA. *Logo used in the USA.
IDECロゴマーク 1986      VIS (VIsual Identity System) manual published.
IDECロゴマーク 2001    VIS (VIsual Identity System) manual reprint.
IDECロゴマーク 2005    Corporate name and corporate name symbol renewal.