Terms of Use

By using our website, you are accepting in these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not access or view this website. We may alter, amend or modify these Terms of Use without any notice. You are bound by any such revision and should therefore periodically check the most current version.

1. Intellectual Property Rights

All the materials on this website are protected by our or owner’s copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights. Except to the extent permitted by applicable laws, you are prohibited from using any of this website or its contents (including without limitation, duplicating, modifying, analyzing, transmitting, transferring, loaning, licensing, exporting, or useing for any other business activities or commercial profits is prohibited) without obtaining our prior consent.

2. Links

2-1. Links to IDEC website
The use of any IDEC logo or other proprietary graphic or trademark is not permitted as a link to our website. You may use text-only links. You must not use a frame to display our website, or create a link that is misleading in a way that the content or a part of the content belongs to others. We have the right to refuse links to our websites that violates public order and morals or considered inappropriate. We may request you to remove the link when we decide the link to our website is inappropriate.

2-2. Links to third parties’ website
IDEC makes no representation and warranty for the content of the websites offered at any of the third party sites linked to or from our website. Furthermore, IDEC does not endorse or recommend the information contained at that website.

3. Prohibited Use

You are prohibited from the following acts when using this website:
    1. Any acts that violate the rights of third party and/or IDEC, such as asset, rights, privacy, reputation, and /or profit.
    2. Uploading computer programs or files that contain viruses, corrupted files that may damage the operation of others and/or our computers.
    3. Any acts that may interfere with the operation of this website.
    4. Any acts that violate laws and/or legally binding regulations.
    5. Any acts that violate public order and morality.
    6. Any acts that may fall under any of the items above.
    7. Any acts other than that set forth in the preceding items that IDEC deems inappropriate.

Unless otherwise requested by IDEC via the website, IDEC does not accept information about our customers or third parties including, without limitation, trade secrets, proprietary information, new products, or suggestions, materials, ideas related to business activities. In any event, we will assume no obligation to maintain confidentiality or to study, evaluate or utilize the suggestions or ideas. IDEC reserves the right to freely use, at its discretion, the suggestions and ideas submitted.

4. Disclaimer

Whilst every care is taken with the information provided in this website, IDEC makes no representation or warranty regarding:

  1. Accuracy, reliability, and usefulness.
  2. Availability of the most up-to-date information.
  3. Any loss or damage of any kind through the use of this website.
  4. Termination of the server, change, suspension, and discontinuation of information without notice, and any loss or damage incurred as a result.

5. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use and this website are governed by and determined in accordance with the laws of Japan. Unless otherwise specified, all controversies and disputes arising from the use of our website shall be submitted to and resolved by trial at the Osaka District Court in Japan.

Membersite Terms of Use

1. Scope

Membersite Terms of Use shall apply to all users who registered with Member Site and IDEC.

2. Registration

2-1. Registration with Member Site shall be made in accordance with the process specified by IDEC.

2-2. Agreement with the Terms of Use is required to register with the Member Site.

2-3. Registration with IDEC Member Site will not be accepted if:

  •     • False information is registered intentionally. 
  •     • Applicant of the registration has violated any of the Terms of Use and unregistered in the past.
  •     • Accepting the applicant as a member will pose a major obstacle to the business of IDEC.

3. ID and Password

3-1. Members are responsible for the management of their own IDs and passwords. The email address is the ID.

3-2. Members shall not give their IDs and passwords to others, or use them for fraudulent purposes.

3-3. Members are responsible for any damage caused by mismanagement or misusage of their own IDs and passwords by
   intention or negligence, and the consequent access and use by others. IDEC assumes no responsibility whatsoever for
   any damages.

3-4. Members shall immediately notify IDEC when they notice unauthorized use of their IDs and passwords.

4. Member Obligation and Responsibility

4-1. Prohibition of Transfer of Rights Members shall not transfer their membership to others.

4-2. Internet Environment Members shall be responsible for the internet access and necessary equipment,
   and also for the maintenance of equipment for the use of the Member Site.

4-3. Changing/deleting registration information When the information used for registration has changed, members shall
   re-register the information immediately. Changing/deleting of the registered information shall be made by the member.

4-4. Members shall comply with relevant laws and regulations for the use of the Member Site.

5. Downloading Service

Whilst every care is taken with the information provided in this website, IDEC assumes no responsibility to the followings:

5-1. Each content such as data and software on the Member Site has Terms of Use, which needs be agreed before
       downloading along with this Terms of Use.

5-2. Members shall use the information obtained from the Member Site for their personal use only, and shall not copy,
   reproduce, publish, or reprint information without permission by IDEC.

5-3. Members shall not encourage others to do any of the acts set forth in the preceding paragraph.

6. Change and Termination of the Member Site

6-1. IDEC reserves the right to change the Member Site and its contents without prior notice.li>

6-2. IDEC reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Member Site without prior notice in the event of:
    •System maintenance of our website and the Member Site.
    •Accidents, natural hazards, and website attacks that may result in the inability to operate the Member Site
    •Trouble or failure of the Member Site system and equipment, including the server
    •Other operational or technical reasons that require suspension or termination of the Member Site

7. Deregistration

IDEC reserves the right to suspend the usage of ID, or deregister any member of the Member Site without issuing a notification when we find:

  • •Registration on the Member Site with using information
  • •Accidents, natural hazards, and website attacks that may result in the inability to operate the Member Site
  • •Fraudulent use of ID and password, or permission of ID and password usage to others
  • •Attacks to the Member Site operation
  • •Violation of the Terms of Use

8. Your Personal Information

IDEC collects, manage, and use your personal information appropriately in accordance with our Personal Information Protection Policy.

Personal information collected through the Member Site will be used to:

  1. Develop, manufacture, and construct electrical devices, control devices and systems, electronic components and devices, electrical measuring devices, precision instruments, general machines and components, chemical machines and devices, software and other devices (hereafter referred to as IDEC products).li>
  2. Provide/sell IDEC products and services to members.
  3. Inform the members of special offers, updated information, tradeshows and seminars, and other useful information about IDEC products.
  4. Conduct other operations associated with aforementioned purposes 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Please be assured that IDEC does not disclose your personal information to third parties. We may use your personal information for several purposes such as: 1) to make our website more resourceful by obtaining login, access, and contact history. However, we will disclose your information, without notice, to obey orders of the law or comply with legal process served on IDEC. Your personal information will be collected, managed, and used in accordance with “Personal Information Protection Policy.”