New TWN/TWND series switches and pilot lights. Simple and reliable. Equipped with new universal contact blocks.

IDEC announces the release of the new TWN/TWND series, a refreshed model of our flagship 30mm series switches and pilots. With a cutout of 30mm, the TWN series has a plastic body, while the TWND series having a die-cast zinc body, offers both variety and durability in an enhanced design.

The operator unit and the contact block are newly developed, achieving up to 47.5mm reduction in body length, which is 33% shorter than its previous model. Also, the depth behind the panel for pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, and selector switches are now the same length, making it easier to install especially when wiring.

The TWN/TWND series is equipped with the new HW-U universal contact block, boasting a revolutionary design that ensures safety between humans and machines. The contact block features a finger-safe (IP20) structure and spring-up terminal improving both the level of safety and reduction of wiring time. The snap-fit design enables the contact block to attach to the operator easily, and be removed by using a flat screwdriver. Also, as with the 30mm conventional contact blocks, two-way wire entry points are suitable for different installation conditions.

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