HS1T interlock switch with solenoid. Compact size with strong 5000N locking force.

IDEC announces the release of the HS1T interlock switch with solenoid. Strong 5000N locking force ideal for use on large doors and large equipment.

The interlock switch is used to detect opening and closing of doors, such as attaching them on doors of machine tools and safety fences installed in hazardous areas where industrial robots operate. Machines and robots operate only when the door is closed, so if the door opens, it will stop operating. This safety measure prevents industrial accidents caused by human access. In recent years, safety measures for work related accidents have advanced globally at production sites, and demands for safety equipment have increased due to introduction of production systems that utilize collaborative robots. IDEC has developed a variety of safety switches to respond to various needs.

The new HS1T Interlock Switches with Solenoid has a strong locking force that can be used on large doors and large equipment. The locking force is increased from 3000N to 5000N, while the size is approx. 70% smaller compared from our conventional HS1L interlock switch. As well as an increasing demand for small-sized products with a strong locking force, the HS1T enables us to respond to concerns on malfunctions due to insufficient locking force on large machine tools and in the automobile manufacturing industry. Spring lock and solenoid lock types are available, and can be selected from 2- contact or 4-contact models depending on the application. Also, a rear unlock button is available on spring lock types.

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