Safety Concept

To ensure safety in working environment where humans work with machines and systems, we have long depended largely on “educating and training safety to operators.” In spite of this approach to educate and train people how to prevent accidents, we still have many serious accidents occurring frequently, injuring people and damaging machines and, sadly, the number of accidents is on the rise. The recent social changes can be attributed to why the number of industrial accidents is increasing. The decrease of skilled operators in streamlined factories in the aging society, the contrasting increase of unskilled part-timers, and the production lines and employment both diversified into many kinds and formats are more and more making it difficult to ensure safety in working environment. We need to make a fundamental change to the way we think about safety. The internationally-accepted concept, “humans make mistakes and machines fail” must be the core philosophy, based on which IDEC has developed a number of safety control products to deliver to the working environment all over the world.

Since our conception, IDEC has committed ourselves to “provide the quality products and services to customers and to contribute to the society.” For over 60 years, we have developed the explosion-proof and safety technologies as an industrial leader and helped people work safely in explosive areas. Our commitment to ensure safety and security has raised awareness among people in various industries to ensure explosion-proof and safety in their daily operation. “Help reduce industrial accidents” — is one of our most important CSR missions.